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>band T-shirts
I can't remember the last time I had to stop playback to wait for my hysterical laughing to pass

This is literally one of the few actually worthwhile movies on Newgrounds lately. Simply because it makes sense, is ironic and shares one's actual experience, which is always interesting. Thanks for sharing these stories. You should definitely make more of this kind.
Can't relate to the whole social anxiety thing though, I prefer taking life and people easy.

So what is this toon's general audience? It's really well done and would be perfect for kids, but for someone who grew up on Disney's 90s shows about talking animals, it seems pretty typical and nothing new. Who are you aiming this show at then? Loved the overall quality though, great work!

Claw9Lives responds:

Hey there AshSamael. Thanks for the great feedback and question. We are in fact targeting the kids. 5-11 is the age group and we skew more boys obviously. I would say that you are spot on with the influence of Disney 90s and for us Batman The Animated Series in terms of tonality of backgrounds, etc. Our goal with the pilot episode was to introduce as much of our "world" as possible in the 5-6 minutes we had to tell our story. The actual episodes will be 11-minutes long so the fur will really fly when those come out of the edit bay! Cheezowie! Gary

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A pony game with an original concept? Is there actually anything that can be more awesome?

+Awesome graphics and animation;
+Original concept;
+Great sound;
+Cool presentation;
-Controls could be way better;
-The game is too short.

Wow, this game actually looks amazing! Awesome animation in the cutscenes as well as in the game itself. The surroundings are highly detailed âEU" the factor thatâEUTMs rarely encountered in flash games. The concept itself is really interesting and the lack of interface makes it even better. The only two things that can be improved are the gameâEUTMs length (IâEUTMd like to see more puzzles and action sequences) and the controls âEU" sometimes Derpy moves way too slow or clumsy. One of the best pony games I have ever played.


+AWESOME conception AND realization;
+Perfect atmosphere;
+Beautiful interface;
+Nice graphics;
+Good special effects;
+Good scripting.

-It gets REALLY freaking hard sometimes!

Another quality puzzle on the net. Worth checking it out! Seen this one at ArmorGames already, but checked it on Newgrounds just to give my vote once more.

Well, first things first - the graphics and overall atmosphere. PERFECT, what else can I say? The game itself is constructed so good it's unbelievable: the graphical style, musical tracks, gameplay and effects work perfectly with one another. If you're a beginning game developer, you better check this one out to get a bit more experience.

The conception itself is pretty simple: do not let any of the pedestrians die, but it gets a bit more tricky when the car crasher or advances road schemes step in. The only minus is that sometimes the level is so hard it's ridiculous. But overall, a nice conception is perfectly realized.


Challenging, original, beautiful, innovating, playable. A MUST HAVE in a shooting games collection. WTH didn't I see it on a front page?

The bonuses make the game really dynamic, but it's too easy to play with the headphone bonus. Sometimes they're not so easy to find though.

Anyways, I loved the game and I'd LOVE to see more of innovating stuff like this on the portal. Keep it up, you rule!

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Awesome, dude! I was expecting someting like that from you! That rocked! The stuff keeps playing and playing in my playlist! Make more stuff!!!


That stuff's rockin' out my ears!!! Perfect! Expect a lot of authors to put this into their Flashs. The track deserves a high score.

Torkvemada responds:

This review is great encouragement. I’ve been working on this track to see this kind of respond. Thanks!

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